Paul Pogba makes shocking admission ahead of Liverpool clash

Eventhough Pogba had to overcome a lot of obstacles this season, the World Cup winner acknowledges his capacity.

Due to several injuries the French international hasn‘t been much active, having played only a combined 30 matches for Man Utd since 20/21 season has started.

The pressure mounted for Paul as the rumors that he will move to Juventus started right away.

Paul was benched several times this season, but despite that he got back to his old form on Tuesday with a impressive performance against Burnley.

He stated that he has been in ‘very good condition’ and doesn‘t like being sidelined.

“I’ve been feeling very good, myself, physically and mentally as well,” Pogba told ‘Sky Sports’.

“And I’ve been playing, and when you play you get your form.”

“It’s a huge difference when you start one game, and don’t play the other one, or if you don’t play for a few games,” added Paul.

“I hate to be on the bench, I don’t like it – It doesn’t mean other players don’t deserve to be playing, but just myself, I don’t like it.”

With his goal in the second half of the game, Pogba didn‘t bring only the victory to his squad, but also placed them at the top of the table.

It was without any doubt his best game of the season as the French international was the one with the most chances created and had the most passes completed.

According to the 27-year-old, he has always been committed to help the squad win and he gives his best on the field.

“I am a winner, I just want to play football,” Pogba pointed out.

“I want to help my team, and when I’m on the bench and don’t come on, I feel I cannot help my team-mates so I feel bad, I don’t like it,” added he.

“Last year was a tough season for me, with the injury, where people don’t really know about it, playing with the injury, with the double fracture, and trying to give my best as well for the team.”

The Red Devils will be looking to defend their top spot in the match against Liverpool this Sunday.

Pogba quoted one more time that you have to beat the best in order to be the best.

“ We all know the neighbors Liverpool has always been a tough game, and obviously they won the last Premier League.

“To be the best you have to beat the best, and that’s what you want – You want to progress and get better and better.”

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