Manager holds talks over signing Manchester United man – Player ‘delighted’ with conversation

The Argentine media today is once again full of stories about the future of Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo.

One of the media promoting him is called Olé and introduced him on their front page and analyzed the potential signature that Boca Juniors can make.

They first emphasized all the statistics of Marcos Rojo in European football matches and pointed out that he has not played for a year, and then commented on the possibility of signing.

A club source told the magazine: “Maybe we will solve all the problems next week.” Olé insisted on reaching an oral agreement with the defender.

However, the competition for Manchester United defender seems to be growing, with more and more clubs participating in the game every day.

On Monday night, reporter Nicolás Bozza reported that River Plate, a competitor of the Boca Juniors team, was also signing up because manager Marcelo Gallardo contacted Marcos Rojo.

El Día and other media now claim that in addition to Boca Juniors and River Plate, teams like Estudiantes, Cruz Azul, and Getafe are all chasing the same player, which makes the game more exciting, but there are no big details on how it goes.

With the expiration of Rojo’s contract with Manchester United in the summer, everything shows that he will eventually travel for free.

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